eCampus - West Virginia University


What is WVU eCampus

WVU eCampus (Blackboard Learn 9.1) is the learning management system used at WVU to facilitate the creation of sophisticated World Wide Web-based educational environments. It is integrated with the WVU STAR/Banner system so that faculty and students are automatically registered for their online courses as they are for face-to-face classes.

WVU eCampus allows WVU to deliver the highest quality educational experience to its students. It makes course preparation and management more efficient for instructors and provides powerful data export and reporting options to assist in evaluating the impact eLearning has on our institution.

WVU eCampus is instrumental in the realization of the following IT Strategies as outlined in the WVU 20/20 Strategic Vision.

  • Enable access to courses and other academic content through tools that are convenient and intuitive for students to use.
  • Replace paper-based processes with online resources, accessible from any location, mitigating faculty effort and increasing functionality.
  • Provide user-friendly systems and efficient services to support the academic administrative needs of faculty and academic leaders.

All Colleges, Courses, Sections and Enrollment come into eCampus from STAR/Banner. If someone is assigned to teach a course in STAR, then that course should appear on the course list approximately six to eight weeks prior to the start of the term. Student access to a course will not be available until the official start date identified in STAR (Banner) unless the instructor chooses to open their courses to students as many as seven days before the official start date.


The term “eLearning” is derived from “electronic Learning” and refers to technology-based learning or the “electronic” delivery of learning. It covers a wide range of distributed knowledge applications and processes, including computer-based learning, web-based learning, virtual classrooms, and digital collaboration. eLearning includes the delivery of content via all electronic media, including the Internet, intranets, extranets, satellite broadcast, audio/video tape, interactive TV, and CD-ROM.


The eCampus website and eCampus application are both built with accessibility in mind. More information about accessibility can be found in our General FAQs.