eCampus - West Virginia University

Overview of WVU eCampus

WVU eCampus (Blackboard Learn 9.1) is the learning management system used at WVU to facilitate the creation of sophisticated World Wide Web based educational environments. It is integrated with the WVU STAR/Banner system so that faculty and students are automatically registered for their online courses as they are for face-to-face classes.

WVU eCampus allows WVU to deliver the highest quality educational experiences to its students. It makes course preparation and management more efficient for instructors and provides powerful data export and reporting options to assist in evaluating the impact eLearning is having on our institution.

All Colleges, Courses, Sections and Enrollment come into eCampus from STAR/Banner. If you are assigned to teach a course in STAR, then that course should appear on your course list approximately six to eight weeks prior to the start of the term. Student access to a course will not be available until the official start date identified in STAR (Banner) unless the instructor chooses to open their courses to students as many as seven days before the official start date. There are multiple institutions for different purposes that use Login credentials for authentication. (see below for more details).

WVU Main Campus

This is the live online class environment for WVU Main Campus. Certain credit courses coming from STAR still have a course shell in this institution along with all faculty assignments and student registrations. Past term courses may not be visible on the course list however 2 full academic years of content is housed and can be made readily available. Courses for a new term are automatically loaded for faculty approximately six to eight weeks before the start of that term with default content. More information on STAR and enrollment requirements can be found at

Development System

The Development System is where faculty can prepare a course for an upcoming term or keep a “master” copy of their course content. Faculty wishing to develop a course for a future term need to request a new section in Development in order to begin working on that course. This can be done using our course request system ( eRS). Courses created in Development are not automatically copied to the live credit course when they become available. Their contact information is found in the Support Tab above. For enrollment requirements please contact Academic Innovation.

Continuing & Professional Education (Non-Credit)

WVU Academic Innovation offers a variety of courses for adults who want to continue their professional education, renew certification, or pursue personal interests. This institution is where all courses currently being taught of this nature reside as well as courses taught in previous terms. For more information on Continuing & Professional Education enrollment requirements and courses being offered through WVU, please contact Academic Innovation .

Learning Academy

The Learning Academy offers a flexible option to WVU Faculty and Staff for Community & Research course needs along with e-Learning Training and Professional Development purposes. Please fill out an eRS Request if you are interested in a Learning Academy shell. For enrollment requirements please contact Academic Innovation.


Exemplary course materials can be “Showcased” through this institution for a variety of purposes but will require special approval since this content represents WVU and must adhere to certain best practices in instructional design.