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Photo roster available in eCampus

You asked for it: Photo roster available in eCampus starting this summer

Instructors no longer have to request a class photo roster from Mountaineer Card Services for the courses they teach. Starting with summer 2017 sessions, eCampus courses will contain a roster that displays the official Mountaineer ID photo of enrolled students and their username.

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eCampus users: DON’T install OneClass Chrome extension; it’s a phishing scam

Faculty and students who use eCampus should NOT install a OneClass Google Chrome browser extension because it is a phishing scam aimed at stealing your personal information and manipulating eCampus features to email classmates.

The OneClass extension is a security threat because it will prompt you to log into eCampus using your WVU Login username and password. Those credentials are then captured and sent to a third party. The plug-in will then email all students in a class, encouraging them to also install the plug-in. Those mails begin with, “Hey guys, I just found some really helpful notes for the upcoming exams ...” 

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Qwickly and VoiceThread

Please be aware that Qwickly is once again available in eCampus. You will recall that we disabled this feature in early December when the vendor identified a bug that was causing our eCampus system to slow and/or crash. The eCampus team has tested a newer, stable version over winter break and installed it.

Qwickly lets you perform the same task for all selected courses simultaneously, including sending messages and uploading content. You can continue to send messages to students through their courses in eCampus. Qwickly just provides the ability to send the messages to multiple courses simultaneously.

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Regularly Scheduled Sunday Maintenance

The following maintenance is regularly scheduled for every Sunday:

*During system maintenance courses may become accessible for short periods of time. However, regular access will not be guaranteed in any eCampus Institution until after noon on Sundays unless otherwise posted.

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Enabling Mixed Content

There are some features in eCampus which will not function or display properly without enabling mixed content in the browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari) you are using.

Some of the examples a user may see within eCampus when mixed content needs to be enabled are:

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Configuring Internet Explorer 10 for eCampus

Users running Internet Explorer 10 will notice eCampus does not display properly and produces an error message in the Browser Check. To configure Internet Explorer 10 to work with eCampus, users must enable Compatibility View on the eCampus homepage prior to logging in. This is only necessary for Internet Explorer 10. To find out what version of Internet Explorer you are using, click the “Help” tab, and then click “About Internet Explorer.” Please follow the steps below to enable Compatibility View.

For complete instructions please refer to Configuring Internet Explorer 10 for eCampus document.

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Download WVU eCampus mobile app now on iOS and Android devices

Students and faculty can now use WVU eCampus on mobile devices by downloading the Blackboard Mobile Learn app through their App Store or Play Store.

Students can get full access to course information directly from mobile devices. Designed specifically for the iOS and Android platforms, the app lets students check grades and assignments, view documents, create discussion and blog posts, and much more. Instructors can post announcements, view class rosters and perform other tasks.

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eCampus POC (Point of Contact) of the Year

We are pleased to announce that the eCampus POC (Point of Contact) of the Year for 2015-16 is Li Jin, who has held this position with the College of Human Services and Education for the past three years. The POC position is critical to the eCampus mission of providing excellent customer service to faculty and students. The outstanding POC goes above and beyond his or her duties to ensure that faculty and students receive timely and effective assistance. 

As POC of the Year, Li Jin will attend the Blackboard World 2016 Conference in Las Vegas at Venetian|Palazzo July 12-14. This award is valued at more than $2000, and provides the opportunity to learn more about the core learning management system behind eCampus and network with other universities that use it. Li will share conference highlights during the August POC meeting.

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Windows 8 and eCampus

Many users have returned this semester with computers running Windows 8.  Although eCampus (Blackboard Vista) is not designed to support Windows 8, our initial testing indicates that  eCampus is accessible through Windows 8 with a few minor changes to the user’s computer.  eCampus staff will continue testing Windows 8 with Blackboard Vista and keep you informed of any pertinent compatibility issues.  A document outlining the changes necessary to access eCampus can be found here.

If you have any questions, please contact the OIT Service Desk at 304-293-4444.

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eCampus upgrade, bug fixes scheduled for 8 a.m. May 11 until 5 p.m. May 12

An eCampus upgrade set for May 11-12 will fix bugs and improve the functionality of the Discussions feature. Instructors and students will see a maintenance message in eCampus from 8 a.m. May 11 until about 5 p.m. May 12 during this important upgrade. When this work is complete, users will be able to view Forum descriptions on the Create Thread page and navigate between threads without having to return to the main Discussions page. This work also will fix some bugs, including one that has prevented users from embedding YouTube videos through Mashup tool and another that has affected the ability to print Student Grade Reports and Discussion Forum threads.

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