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Faculty Resources

The resources below are designed to help facilitate the delivery of high-quality educational content to WVU students in blended and online learning environments. Information on specific tools and tasks is available through the sidebar links.

The Basics

Start of Semester Checklist

The beginning of a semester can be a hectic time for users. Take a look at the eCampus Start of Semester checklist to view recommendations for a smooth beginning to the semester.

Getting Started

The Getting Started resources in eCampus are designed to guide users through their first experience using eCampus.

eCampus Policies

Faculty should be aware of our academic, systematic, and course access policies. These can be reviewed on the Policies page.

Instructional Tools

There are a variety of Instructional Tools available to enhance students' experience with eCampus. This is a good place for instructors to familiarize with Instructional Tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Having a problem with eCampus? Chances are someone has before. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page geared towards faculty needs.

TA Privileges

The Teaching Assistant role in eCampus is similar to an instructor's role, with a few exceptions. Please review the TA Privileges link for specifics.

Security Best Practice

Protecting personal information is a top priority for ITS and eCampus, but we need your help. Please review the Best Practices page for suggestions on how to protect sensitive information.

We are Here to Help!

Points of Contact

ECampus Points of Contact are super-users in each college or department able to consult with faculty on eCampus-related needs. The Points of Contact button lists all of the eCampus POCs by college and department.

SLI Coordinators

Scheduling Listing Index (SLI) Coordinators work their departments on scheduling and help determine which courses will be taught by whom. Have a question about cross-listing? Contact an SLI Coordinator.

Development Assistance

iDesign provides faculty with high-quality course content and content management solutions. 

eCampus Requests


The eCampus Request System (eRS) is a web-based application that handles requests from faculty for new development shells, enrollments, content copies, and more. Need a TA in an eCampus course? Submit a request through eRS.

eCampus CoC

eCampus Points of Contact and students with the TA role in eCampus will need to fill out the code of confidentiality (CoC) form.

Technical Information

Supported Browsers

The Computer Requirements and Supported Browsers page outlines operating systems and browsers compatible with eCampus.


The Computer and Internet Browser Configuration page describes how to optimize a system and browser for eCampus use.