eCampus - West Virginia University

eCampus Request System

The eCampus Request (eRS) System is for instructors only. It can be used to:

  • Request content from another instructor's course.
  • Request for Collaborate sessions for outside of eCampus.
  • Use and create a development shell for a credit course.
  • Request a teaching assistant to have access to a credit course.
  • Enroll a student to make up an incomplete course.
  • Request a Not-for-Credit course.
  • Request a course shell in Open Education.
  • Request instructional tools to integrate with eCampus.

New Development Shell

  • Request to have a new Development course shell created for a credit course with either a blank course shell or previous content.
  • When developing a course, development is to take place on the development server. Once development has been completed, a request to move the course to the production or live server can be completed using eRS.

Instructional Tool Request

  • Allows Faculty to request instructional tools that provide expanded functionality for their eCampus sections.
  • Please be advised each tool requires thorough testing to ensure functionality, security, and stability standards are met.
  • This process requires at least three months, thus requests must be submitted no later than three months prior to the first day of the expected deployment semester.

Not-for-Credit Course Request

  • Make an eCampus shell request that is separate from a STAR credit course.
  • These courses will typically reside in the Learning Academy.

Blackboard Collaborate

  • Request use of Blackboard Collaborate outside of an eCampus course.
  • Log in to eRS with Login credentials, click to Create a request for Blackboard Collaborate.

Open Education

  • Open Education is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) service run through Blackboard. It allows anyone to sign up for specially created courses. WVU, in addition to many other institutions, offers courses through Open Education.