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Respondus 4.0 (Instructor Only)

Respondus 4.0 (Instructor Only)

Respondus allows the creation and management of exams that can be printed on paper or published into an WVU eCampus course. Questions can be imported from plain text files, or Microsoft Word documents if they adhere to a standard format. Textbook publishers often offer test banks to instructors who adopt one of their books for a course. Questions can be exported from Respondus into StudyMate.

WVU faculty can obtain Respondus software at no cost to their departments. Click on the link below to download Respondus. Either click Run or Save on the subsequent pop-up box. If the file is saved onto a computer, double click the downloaded file to install. Uninstall any previous versions by going into the computer’s Control Panel.

  1. Respondus 4.0 DOWNLOAD HERE
  2. Obtain the Activation Code for Respondus (Send an email to and request the Activation Code or call 304-293-4444). A new license code is needed each year in August.

To activate Respondus, enter the following information on first use of the software:

  • Institution Name: West Virginia University
  • Local Support Contact: ITS Service Desk
  • Installation Password: enter code received

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Additional Resources

Importing Word Files – The import feature is a fast way to bring exam questions from Microsoft Word into the Respondus 4.0 application. From there it takes only a few clicks to publish the exam to your online course.

Respondus Test Bank Network – The leading textbook publishers make their test banks available in Respondus 4.0 format. This service is available for free to instructors who use Respondus 4.0. Simply search for the textbook being used in the course and request access to the test bank. Once the publisher grants access, instructors can use Respondus 4 and the test bank to easily create online exams. Here are several resources you can share: