eCampus - West Virginia University

Faculty Orientation

New to eCampus?

The following steps will help you get started using eCampus:

Step 1: Used eCampus before?

Step 2: Know how to log in?

Step 3: Know how to access a course?

Step 4: Is there content in the course?

Step 5: Need more content?

Step 6: Is the content in another course?

Step 7a: Is there a content area to house course materials?

Step 7b: See the course building tabs?

Step 8: Are you an instructor in this other course?

eCampus Roles

There are six roles for users in eCampus: Instructor, Course Builder, Teaching Assistant, Student, Auditor and Observer. This chart explains what tasks each role can perform.

Permission Instructor Course Builder Teaching Assistant Student Auditor Observer
Use Content Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Add/Remove/Edit Content Yes Yes Limited No No No
Access to Control Panel Yes Yes Yes No No No
Access to Content Collection Yes Yes Yes No No No
Access to Course Tools Yes Yes Yes No No No
Access to Grade Center Yes No Yes No No No
Listed in Grade Center No No No Yes Yes No

Where do I Go from Here?

Faculty Resources

The Faculty Resources page houses information faculty need to know regarding WVU eCampus.

Faculty Tutorials

Self-paced instructional materials for faculty.

Start of Semester Checklist

Faculty should refer to the Start of Semester Checklist to ensure courses are ready for students.