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Click the icons below to access informational resources on instructional tools integrated with eCampus. These tools provide additional functionality for eCampus courses.

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Classroom Response Systems



Announcement Cast gives instructors the ability to send a simultaneous announcement to all classes they are teaching.

Barnes & Noble College offers digital resources that make teaching and learning easier.

The Cengage Learning MindLinks Building Block provides seamless access to Cengage Learning’s content directly within eCampus.

An online collaborative grading and analytics platform that helps educators, working alone or in teams, to more effectively evaluate student work.

The Ice House Student Success Program is a course that engages students with the entrepreneurial mindset needed to succeed.

Hawkes Learning is an educational courseware platform providing instructional content and mastery-based learning to enhance student success.

InQuizitive is a quizzing tool that supports select Norton textbooks. Instructors can assign InQuizitive to ensure students' preparedness.

LiveText is a browser-based e-portfolio and assessment management web application that monitors student learning.

LoudCloud provides open education resources, publisher content, packaged course, videos, engaging activities. Initiated by the WVU library and Barnes & Noble to cut the cost of textbooks.

Knewton is an adaptive learning platform with content in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

eCampus integration including SSO, gradebook sync, and deep linking to content at the chapter or asset level.

McGraw-Hill supports features like automatic grade sync, SSO, integrated content, assignments and tracking student performance.

​MyLabsPlus is a dynamic online teaching and learning environment.

Packback creates AI-powered inquiry-based learning communities that improve critical thinking and support curiosity in college students.

MyLab/Mastering delivers learning focused on instructors' course objectives and responsive to student progress.

Pearson Revel is an interactive learning environment designed for teaching and learning.

Portfolium is portfolio network that allows users to visually showcase their knowledge and experience in an interactive and collaborative environment.

Qwickly+ is a platform designed to simplify instructors’ workflows by providing easier access to frequently repeated tasks.

Squarecap is an intuitive student engagement application that motivates students to attend class and provides real time feedback between students and instructors.

Sapling Learning’s instructional online homework drives student success and saves educators time.

TestOut is the leader in online labs for academia and IT professionals. With LabSim, students get a broad range of hands-on experience in a safe, simulated environment.

Tevera features integrated applications, environments, and workflows to help students prepare for careers in behavioral health, mental health, social work, and addiction recovery.

WebAssign is a powerful online instructional system designed by educators to enrich the teaching and learning experience.

WileyPLUS is a research-based online environment for effective teaching and learning.

Notron gives access to high quality, customizable tools for learning and assessment.

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Online Proctoring and Integrity