eCampus - West Virginia University

Technical Info

eCampus was designed to work on Windows and Macintosh based systems; however, not all systems will be able to support it. If a computer does not have the proper hardware and/or software, eCampus may run slowly, lack some tool functionality, or not work at all. Here's what you need to know to take full advantage of eCampus.

Software and Hardware Configuration and Compatibility

These pages provide information on how users' systems and browsers should be configured.


Please review these hardware specifications for systems running eCampus.

Supported Browsers

On Windows systems, ITS recommends you run Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome . For Apple OS X systems, ITS recommends Safari, Firefox or Chrome.

Browser Checker

Run the Browser Check. This tool will check for supported Internet browsers and a valid version of Java.


Only one browser is required to access eCampus. However, we recommend having two prepared in case your primary browser fails.

Browser Settings

Clear Browser Cache

Sometimes there are problems that can only be fixed by clearing your browser's cache. Cache is where a browser stores recently used commands, preferences, and files your pages need.

Disable Pop Up Blocker

If a pop-up blocker is enabled, disable it for eCampus use.

Enabling Cookies

Users need to make sure cookies are enabled. Cookies are small files that a site stores on your computer. Without them, eCampus won't work.


eCampus uses Java to provide certain functionality like Voice Tools and the Multiple File Upload feature in the Content Collection.

Fixing Mac Java

When accessing tools that require Java, click "Yes" or "Always" to ensure that eCampus works in your browser.

Fixing Windows Java

When accessing tools that require Java, click "Yes" or "Always" to ensure that eCampus works in your browser.

Enabling Mixed Content (PDF)

Browsers may require users to address security notifications regularly to fully use eCampus tools. This document explains how to change this setting and allow mixed content, minimizing inconvenient notifications.

Additional Software Needs

Depending on the content types used in a course, additional software may be necessary.

Browser Plugins

You may need to enhance your browser with plug-ins that make for a better eCampus experience. Check here for more information.

Media Software

A variety of media types can be used in eCampus. If you have trouble viewing or listening to content in eCampus, this link may help.