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The Service Desk provides first-level support to faculty, staff, students and other University help desks to investigate, resolve and prevent problems with ITS-supported systems and applications.
Phone: 304-293-4444
Toll Free: 1-877-327-9260

ITS Training

Training is available in a variety of formats, including informational seminars, webinars, online video tutorials, vendor and ITS-produced documents, plus hands-on workshops.

Software Tools

Internet Browser Plugins

The only plug-in required to use eCampus is Java. However, other plug-ins may be required to view certain content items displayed in eCampus. All of these tools are downloadable through their corresponding icon.

Java Downloads

A java installation on eCampus users' machines is required to maximize eCampus functionality. Before installing Java, make sure the system type (32 v. 64 bit) and OS (Windows v. Mac) are noted so the correct Java versions are installed.

Media Software

Here are software tools to help create file types commonly used in online courses.

System Configuration

System and Browser Configuration

The Computer and Internet Browser Configuration page describes how to optimize a system and browser for eCampus use.

Supported Browsers

The Computer Requirements and Supported Browsers page outlines the operating systems and browsers compatible with the eCampus application.


Disable Pop-up Blockers

Certain eCampus functionality can trigger a pop-up window. If one is not appearing and it should, you need to disable your browser's pop-up blocker.

Enable Mixed Content

Browsers may require users to address security notifications regularly to fully utilize eCampus tools requiring Java. This document explains how to change this setting in a browser to allow mixed content and minimize inconvenient notifications.

Known Issues

With each new version of eCampus, bugs are identified and fixed. Our Known Issues document lists issues most-relevant to our users and any available workaround and anticipated fix releases.

Remove Old Passwords

Even after changing your Login password, a browser may still contain old information. Depending on the browser used the process for removing old, saved passwords may vary.

Troubleshooting Java

Maintaining a properly configured Java can be difficult. Review this guide for the proper Java configuration.