eCampus - West Virginia University

Faculty FAQs

Getting Started

What are the benefits of online teaching?

What are the WVU eCampus Roles?

What do I need to begin teaching my course in WVU eCampus?

What does “compatible browser” mean?

What will course names look like at top of the course menu?

Where can I find notifications?

Who should I contact about distance education instruction?

Can a course coordinator build a “custom base course shell” that is copied for the other development shells in their department before the instructors start building their upcoming semester courses?

Can content be uploaded in one course and used it in another course?

Does the Content Editor in Course Messages have the option to upload files from a computer?

How can I develop a course before I teach it?

How do I create my online course?

How do I develop my course so that it is accessible with assistive technologies?

How do I import an e-Pack to my course?

How do I know what tools copy from development shells and/or previous sections into my course?

How much space do I have for my data on eCampus?

What do these options mean when uploading files: lock, share, tracking?

Why is my HTML not working properly?

Will students see every Notification in the What’s New module?

Will we have multi-language support with eCampus? Which language packs will be included?

Course Access

Can I link directly to my course from another website?

Can I set my MIX course link to go directly to my eCampus course?

How are we going to cope with loss of Auditor role for incompletes?

How and when do students gain access to my course?

How do I enroll a student to make-up an incomplete grade?

How do I enroll another Instructor and/or Course Builder to my course?

How can I grant my Teaching Assistant access to my course?

What permissions do Teaching Assistants have?

How long will I have access to past courses?


How can I backup my course content?

What can I do if I accidentally delete important information from my course?

Are there alerts for discussions?

Does the To Do module work?

Can a Collaboration session be saved?

Can an mp3 file be played within a course?

Can send e-mail be sent to

Can I copy an Assignment to multiple courses?

Can I create a group collaborate session?

Can I download all assignment submissions at once?

Can I print a Journal neatly?

Can I push a document out to all groups?

Can I see all posts from an instructor in one area?

Can I view all of a user’s posts?

Does WVU eCampus provide a Wiki for my class?

How can I manage online communication with my students?

How do I insert links into course messages?

How do students go back to the main discussion page?

If an instructor uses Send Email to all 300 students, will that be problem?

If an instructor changes home page modules, does the student see the changes?

In a discussion thread, a student can mark an item as “read” without reading it. Can the tracking distinguish between this action and actually opening the messages when grading a thread or forum?

Is there a way to sort by author that pulls all posts and response posts for an entire topic?

What should we use, Lesson plans or Learning Modules?

What do I do if I attached the wrong paper to someone’s assignment?

What is the difference between Course Messages and Send Email?

What is the difference between Journals and Blogs?

What kind of files can be uploaded to Blackboard Collaborate?

When viewing all the posts under a topic, is there a way to expand and see all the posts and responses?

When we add the non-credit courses in January, what will Send Email tool do?

Where can we find the number of discussion posts read by a student for a given item?

Where is the Chat Tool?

Why are discussions not being marked as read?

Why can’t I change the color of the course calendar?

Why can’t I edit a collaborate session?

Why can’t I edit my Rubric?

Can a grade be assigned once to all members of a group (without doing it individually) when they do not submit the assignment in eCampus?

Can I remove a student from the Grade Center who has dropped the course?

How can students be kept from seeing a test score until after its deadline?

How do I return a marked up paper if the availability date has passed?

How do I download a copy of the Grade Center?

I checked Hide Results for this Test Completely from Instructor and Grade Center, why do I see a column in the grade center?

What can be done to make the Student View of rubrics as clean as the Teacher View?

What does checking Include this Test in Grade Center Score Calculations do?

Who is the ‘Preview User?’

A student says that their answers changed after clicking ‘Save’ when taking an assessment. What happened?

Can I create a list of assignments?

Can I extend the duration of an assessment for certain students?

How can I automate tests and quizzes using WVU eCampus?

How can I enable a calculator or spreadsheet viewer for students in Respondus LockDown Browser?

How do I restrict a test by an IP address?

I set an assessment as visible, but my students still cannot see it. What happened?

Is there a way to force a time limit on individual questions on a test?

Where can I download Respondus LockDown Browser?

Where can I get more information on Respondus Lockdown Browser?

Why am I receiving an error message when I press calculate when creating a calculated formula question?

Why can’t I insert links into the feedback area of a question?