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What do I need to begin using WVU eCampus?

What computer skills will I need for WVU eCampus?

What is WVU eCampus?

Technical Requirements

How do I configure my computer and internet browser for WVU eCampus?

Troubleshooting Java for Mac

Troubleshooting Java for Windows

What browsers are supported by WVU eCampus?

What does “compatible browser” mean?

What kind of internet connection should I have?

Accessing WVU eCampus

Can a firewall restrict my ability to access WVU eCampus?

Can I access WVU eCampus from the computer labs on campus?

My old password is saved in my internet browser. What should I do?

What do I do if I forget my username or password?

What is my WVU eCampus username and password?

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