eCampus - West Virginia University

Course Access Policies

Section Opening and Closing

  • Sections for an upcoming term will be open to instructors 6-8 weeks before the start of the term. All sections open to students at 12:00AM on the official start date identified in STAR (Banner) unless the instructor chooses to open their courses to students as many as seven days before the official start date. Most courses will follow the traditional term dates however sections can be set to open and close at different points within the term through STAR. The date in which the section opens determines which term it is in. Courses are accessible to students for thirty (30) calendar days after the deadline for grade submission to STAR. eCampus Support DOES NOT modify either the start or end dates for a section!
  • Instructors should expect to see one full academic year of courses on their course list (fall, spring, summer).
  • Courses are kept within the eCampus application for two academic years before being purged from the system. After that, they are backed up to tape and are accessible only through written request and will require academic and IT management approval.
  • If access is needed to a section from a prior term, please submit a trouble ticket using the support information on this site.

Special Enrollment Policy for Current Term Credit Courses

Adding an Instructor

  • All instructors must go through STAR to be added to a credit section with a CRN in WVU eCampus, this will grant Instructor access.

Adding a Course Builder

  • Course builder access is not necessary for instructors as they already have all permissions associated with course builders. This role is for users who will only be designing content. They will not have access to the Grade Center. Course builder access may be requested through a trouble ticket. Course Builders and any other authorized individual requesting to be registered into a current term course must abide by the special enrollment policy.

Adding a Teaching Assistant

  • The Teaching Assistant (TA) role inside of WVU eCampus grants the TA access according to this document. Since a Teaching Assistant will have access to grades, a TA must be a graduate student and must sign and agree to the WVU eCampus Code of Confidentiality each semester they are to be enrolled.
  • Requests for a Teaching Assistant may be submitted through the eCampus Request System (eRS).

Adding an Auditor (Student making up an Incomplete)

  • Currently, the Auditor role is unavailable in eCampus. Until it is available, instructors may go to eRS and request the auditor to be enrolled as a student.
    • If there is not a current offering of the course in eCampus, then the student will have to work directly with the Instructor to make up the work. All course work will need to be downloaded by the Instructor and given directly to the student as would happen in a face-to-face course. Past courses will not be reopened for individual students to make up an incomplete.
  • For other types of auditor enrollment requests, please provide a detailed explanation that will need academic approval since this person would have access to a course without having registration in STAR. Instructors may use eRS or the ITS Service Desk contact information to submit this.