eCampus - West Virginia University

Data Backup Policies

Course Content Backup

Instructors will be able to access their past courses as an Instructor for one academic year after they have ended for grade disputes. If instructors teach a course more than once a year, they can back up their entire course under Export/Archive Course in the Packages and Utilities sections of the Control Panel. Due to physical space constraints. However, they can remove old backups or download the backups to a local computer for further safekeeping.

It is strongly recommended that instructors keep a backup of their course, especially if they are going to be making major changes or heavily editing the Grade Center. Additionally, backing up a course following a large amount of student activity, such as an exam, is advised. While weekly system-level backups are taken, the easiest and quickest way to be certain that content is safe is to perform regular manual backups. To backup the section, consult this document.

If instructors wish to develop a past course for an upcoming term, they can request that the content be copied over by going to the eCampus Request System. There, instructors may also request a Development shell if they need additional time to develop their course. Course content is available for two academic years.

Student Content Backup

If instructors would like to keep students' files after the current semester, they must keep their own records of grades and assignments. Instructors can export and save the Grade Center with Blackboard's export feature. This information can be saved as an Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. All student files uploaded as Assignments or Tests can be downloaded to a faculty member's computer and stored for future reference.