eCampus - West Virginia University

Systematic Policies

Scheduled Maintenance

The following maintenance is regularly scheduled for every Sunday:

  • 3:00AM to 8:00AM – System Down for Backups – NO ACCESS
  • 8:00AM to 12:00PM – System Maintenance – Access Might Be Denied*.

*During system maintenance courses may become accessible for short periods of time. Unless otherwise posted, regular access will not be guaranteed in any eCampus Institution until after noon on Sundays.

Course and File Size Quotas

The file upload size limit is 20MB. This applies to attachments in messages or email. The overall content collection for each course is limited to 500MB. At 400MB, users will be notified that they are close to the limit. Course sections that exceed 500MB present numerous problems when copying content into future sessions. This is why the restriction is strictly followed. In order to restore disk space to a course, instructors need to navigate through course content collections and delete any unused and unnecessary files, images, videos and audio. Large .pdf files can quickly fill a course, too.